Wash Equipment


Touchless Wash Equipment Distributed By ACT


The Touchless Wash, equipment distributed by ACT, isn't just a new touchless automatic; it's a new commitment to your in‑bay success. The Touchless Wash equips you to win.

An industry first which introduces a feature never before seen on an in-bay wash – neon-illuminated dual wash arms. These brightly lit, saber-like arms help users quickly position their vehicles for washing.

The navigation system lights the arms flashing GREEN to encourage them to 'pull forward,' flashing BLUE for 'back up,' and flashing RED when they should 'stop' for washing. Beyond that, the lighted arms introduce a 'wow' factor your customers will remember, helping brand your site and build a loyal customer base.

Rapid Wash® Equipment Distributed By ACT


The Rapid Wash®, equipment distributed by ACT, is a state-of-the-art touch free automatic car wash system. This system is unparalleled in its value, performance, and investment opportunity. Since 1999, Rapid Wash has earned its reputation as the 'workhorse' of touchless in‑bay automatic car washes. Built for reliable performance and easy maintenance, Rapid Wash offers consistent, dependable washing and 95 percent-plus uptime.

To keep Rapid Wash running smoothly, its carriage head moves on overhead travel rails that keep its motors and gears up and away from dirt and grime. The swivel-free design, all-electric drive and greased-for-life bearings reduce complexity and maintenance costs. And the powder-coated aluminum frame is easy to keep clean.

It's Your Wash...Make it Your Brand! The Rapid Wash is now available with a branding enhancement package. This option enables you to customize the exterior appearance of your Rapid Wash to correspond with your facility's branding needs.

Rapid Wash High Performance:

  • Virtual Positioning System — This patented system is easier to use and delivers faster vehicle processing than competitive machines.
  • Available HVO package washes up to 24 cars per hour, for the perfect balance of speed and clean.
  • The Rapid Wash controls the touchless cleaning variables and delivers them precisely and consistently car after car for the best cleaning available:
    • Optimum Pressure – Cat (Pump)
    • Optimum Heat – Super Heat 12000
    • Optimum Water – Pur-Clean and VFD Pump Station
    • Optimum Chemicals – 2 step process
    • Optimum Angle of Attack – Radial Spray Motion

Consistent and Reliable Operation:

  • 100% Swivel Free — No swivels mean no leaks, no down time, no replacement costs and most of all no headaches.
  • Greased-for-Life Bearings — The maintenance requirement to grease the machine is completely eliminated.
  • 100% Soft Start and Stop — Promotes longer gearbox life by reducing torque shock load on the gears – saving you expensive repair or replacement costs.
  • Easy carriage access contributes to quicker maintenance & lower operational costs.
  • Available break-away arms with resettable knuckles can be reset in seconds after a vehicle strike, which minimizes downtime and keeps you generating revenue.
  • Lube-for-life gearbox ensures smooth operation, while reducing maintenance time and expense.

User Friendly Functionality:

  • Unparalleled Programming Flexibility – Touch Screen Interface enables operators to easily toggle between eight different wash packages in a matter of minutes to quickly accommodate real time weather changes.
  • Touch Screen Interface with HVO programming software delivers Web-based remote access to control the Rapid Wash while enabling report access from anywhere.
  • Radial Spray Motion reduces chemical expense by always keeping the spray aimed at the car and purging the lines on the car and not on the floor.


Soft Touch Equipment Distributed By ACT


Soft Touch, equipment distributed by ACT, is the most advanced in-bay soft touch automatic available in the industry! Every aspect of the Soft Touch was carefully designed to deliver the most comprehensive combination of performance features available in the market today!

With the FreeStyler operators can quickly access the uniquely concealed onboard components through the side and back panels, or make fast and easy finger-tip adjustments to the equipment from easy to reach onboard carriage controls. Engineered with premium quality components like variable frequency drives, state-of-the-art motors and gearboxes for increased life-cycle and decreased operating costs, the Soft Touch delivers unrivaled durability.

To further enhance the customer's overall car washing experience, the Soft Touch is engineered with an overhead gantry design. This overhead design not only provides an open and inviting bay appearance but also ensures smoother operation and less potential for customer loading error.

Soft Touch High Performance:

  • Air-over-oil arm controls deliver smooth, contoured wheel movement for superior wash results.
  • Dual directional rear side wheels minimize vehicle damage & promote better cleaning.
  • Wheel washer, equipped with nineteen strategically positioned high impact nozzles, delivers extraordinary cleaning performance.

Consistent and Reliable Operation:

  • Overhead rail design eliminates dirt and ice related failures associated with floor rail designs.
  • Solid side & top wheel hub design provides better wheel balance and reduces overall service costs.
  • Patented counter-weight top wheel design provides breakaway forgiveness, eliminating potential damage to vehicles commonly associated with guillotine-style wheels.
  • Premium quality components increase system life-cycle while decreasing service and operating costs.

User Friendly Functionality:

  • Open bay design provides an open inviting bay appearance and enhances customer's overall car washing experience.
  • Uniquely concealed onboard controls are conveniently accessible for fast and easy maintenance.
  • Easy to reach onboard carriage controls provide fast and easy, finger-tip adjustments of equipment from inside the bay.